Student Accommodation Software


PEX Software offers two distinct software solutions to manage property and student reservation requirements.

PEX Accommodation Management System

A state-of-the-art integrated package with website, online booking, customer portal, operational and third party views. Comprehensive finance and product management suites support the way student customers of today wish to order, receive and pay for services.

Working with its partner CableCom Networking, PEX Software is integrated with their internet services and ICT platform to deliver on-demand services, media, video, games, music and mobile solutions.

PEX has delivered solutions to key worker and higher education as well as national and international accommodation providers.

Benefits include:

  • Maximise occupancies with multi-tenure offerings
  • Improve working capital with automated rental collection routines
  • Reduce costs with online working e.g. repairs and inventories
  • Improving pastoral care and customer relations with customer portals
  • Increased income from customer services


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Probooker Student Accommodation Software

Probooker is a cost-effective software solution written specifically to manage accommodation booking for smaller schools, universities and colleges. With a range of useful features such as waiting list management, hourly and online bookings and payments, the software can be used to manage a variety of buildings, locations, rooms and study spaces.

Probooker can be set up with minimum time investment and is extremely easy to use.




Benefits include:

  • Increased occupancy with unique hourly room rental
  • Reduced costs from operational automation
  • Improve brand loyalty promotional and marketing solutions
  • Easy adoption with minimum implementation and training
  • Improved financial performance and ROI across multiple locations


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Working in partnership with CableCom Networking


Probooker Student Accommodation Software


PEX Property Management Software

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